Friday, 13 January 2017

Complex problem solving

The children were given the following task. They had to work as a team to find the pattern and the rule. We even wrote up the rule in algebra! I was very impressed with everyone! 

Poetry reading

This morning we read some poetry about the creation story. We looked at descriptive language and features that made the poem more interesting. 

A bit of fun at wet play!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


We have been using music to help us with our English. We have been inventing descriptive sentences using alliteration and similes about our wonderful world and then putting it to a beat on the drum.

What a wonderful world

We explored the nature around us and discussed what makes the world so wonderful.

Volcano eruption

We have built a volcano and we decided to make it erupt!

Map reading

In class we learnt about map reading. We looked at contour lines and had a go at drawing our own.

Clay dinosaurs

Layers of the earth and plate tectonics

In class we have learnt about the layers of the earth and tectonic plates. We made a pizza to represent the layers of the Earth and we then learnt about tectonic plates using the map and salt dough. We looked at different types of plate boundaries and how they exist. We used the salt dough to recreate the plate boundaries to see what would happen if the plates moved.

Blog History - Class 3 September 2016 - December 2016

Dear Class 3 Families,

Please have a look at the link below to find out what Class 3 have been getting up to during Autumn term 2016.

Many thanks,

Miss Brayne